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High polish, vintage wire rim glasses in 12K yellow gold. The overall size of these glasses is 25.3mm x 114.3mm, with a weight of 14.1g/9.1dwt...
Ex Tax:$250.00
14KY Nugget Cufflinks with Black Star Sapphires
-33 %
High polish, nugget cufflinks and tie tac with black star sapphires in 14K yellow gold. There are three sapphires (7.8mm - 9.0mm. The overall size of each piece is Cufflinks - 22.0mm x 24.0mm, Tac - 13.5mm. The total weightis 23.1dwt/35.9g...
$3,598.07 $5,397.10
Ex Tax:$3,330.00
Money Clip in Silver
-33 %
Etched money clip in sterling silver...
$140.47 $210.70
Ex Tax:$130.00
Navajo Sterling Silver Malachite Belt Buckle Signed JF
-23 %
The buckle measures 2-5/8in long and 2-1/8in wide. The buckle can accomodate a 1-1/2in wide belt...
$162.08 $210.70
Ex Tax:$150.00
Rare Frank Patania Vintage Handmade Sterling Silver Turquoise Letter Opener
-23 %
The piece measures 8-1/2in long, 1-3/16in at its widest, and weighs 65.4g...
$432.20 $561.86
Ex Tax:$400.00
Shimano 24K 2 Spoon Set
-33 %
Shimano high polish two spoon set in 24K yellow gold. Each spoon measures four and five eighth inces by one inch. The spoons come in the original box...
$4,894.67 $7,342.00
Ex Tax:$4,530.00
Tiffany Perfume Bottle in Silver
-26 %
Tiffany and Co. perfume bottle in sterling silver. The overall size of this bottle is 46.2mm x 26.0mm. The net weight is 16.6g/10.7dwt...
$280.93 $378.18
Ex Tax:$260.00
Vintage Gold Color Mesh Clutch Bag Circa 1940's
-33 %
Vintage Whiting & Davis, high polish, gold color mesh clutch bag with rhinestone snap closure and chain handle. The dimensions of this bag are five inches by eight and one quarter inches. The overall weight is 122.8dwt. Circa 1940's...
$54.03 $81.04
Ex Tax:$50.00
Vintage Gorham SS/Steel Yoyo
-30 %
Vintage Gorham yoyo with acanthus leaves design in sterling silver and steel. The overall size of this yoyo is two and one quarter inches by one and one quarter inches. The weight is 68.9g/44.3dwt. String is not included...
$95.08 $135.06
Ex Tax:$88.00
Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Coral Shell Inlay Owl Watch Bands
-24 %
Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise Coral Shell Inlay Owl Watch Bands The watch bands measure 1-5/16in long and 1-1/16in wide. The set weighs 17.6g. They can accommodate a watch with at least 15mm between the lugs...
$135.06 $178.28
Ex Tax:$125.00
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